The new famous minute 96


He Atletico Madrid the champion was proclaimed Queen’s Cup after losing real Madrid in the penalty shootout, after a historic comeback that seemed reminiscent of Lisbon and Sergio Ramosbut with the roles reversed, and in rojiblanca Banini as the star, taking the game to extra time and in the 96th minute.

The mattress club again lifted the title they won in 2016 and left the whites with no dreams of adding a first title to their history. those of Manolo Cano, They showed that “now, Atleti, now” on Saturday night was heard louder than the famous “to the end, we are real”.

Despite their fourth position in the F League and out of the European places, the rojiblancas ended a season that was not dreamed of, but better than expected. With injuries to players as important as Ludmila, Sheila and LeicyManolo Cano was able to close the year in the best way, with the Cup in the hands of the captain Grandma Gallardo.

It seems that Atlético de Madrid has been waiting for this moment since May 24, 2014. From the moment the Champions League became Atlético’s second worst nightmare, Real Madrid’s first. This time in Leganés, in a Spanish competition and in the goal of an Argentine with a shot after a free kick from outside the area.

Manolo Cano, questioned this season for not achieving the expected league position, he has settled the issue of his renewal. And he managed to get Atlético de Madrid to face a Real Madrid that they have not been able to win this season in league games.

Argentina Banini became the most important player in the Final Four for Atlético de Madrid. His kick in the minute 93 plus 3 puts the rojiblanco team where they deserve to finish this game, at the top.

Source: La Verdad


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