“Sometimes soccer isn’t fair, now it is”


“Sometimes soccer isn’t fair, now it is”

Manolo Canothe technician Atletico Madrid he assured, at the press conference after proclaiming himself Queen’s Cup champion after winning the penalty shootout against real Madridthat the title “is a well-deserved award” and that although football was sometimes unfair “now then.”

Everything was against us even making a good first half. The team showed mental strength and faith that we could get that goal that would put us in the game. The other team would have dropped its arms and melted away. These women are warriors and we had that award. A well-deserved awardsaid the technician.

In turn, he ruled the penalty shootout and the great opponent Grandma Gallardo:It’s been a month and I’ve thought a bit about preparing the punishments. When it came time to dump them, I thought we had them. Lola does her job perfectly, decisively and professionally, and she helps us a lot in everything. Don’t just stop. Faith moves mountains and we are sure that if we are punished we will have it”.

Source: La Verdad


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