Newcastle and Chelsea drew in swapping roles


He Chelsea and the newcastle they signed a draw in a pointless match that ended a disappointing season for the ‘blues’ and encouraging for the ‘magpies’ who are confident of next season. Champions League.

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Finish the fourth in newcastle who finished a great year and put together the new sports project in Eddie Howe at the bank. Quite the opposite of painting Stamford Bridge, twelfth, the worst situation so far this century. Outside of expectations and no continental competition on the horizon.

With just one win in their last fourteen games, the team Frank Lampardthe current coach amidst so much dancing on the bench, Chelsea is part of the lower middle part of the table.

He didn’t even get to tell his followers that he had won. On the contrary, after nine minutes he got the score against when Anthony Gordonpast Elliott Anderson, caught up with the guests. The ‘blue’ team straightened the clash with a bit of luck, thanks to an own goal from the winger Kieran Trippier in half an hour.

Gone. And the clash was goalless until the end, as a prize for Newcastle, who will play in the next Champions League and there are pending accounts for the Londoners, who have to start next season from scratch.

Source: La Verdad


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