Mozart Moleiro did not emigrate: he remained at UD Las Palmas


The UD Las Palmas player, alberto moleiroone of the most influential and prominent musicians in the recent history of the yellow club, like Pedri, announced this Tuesday that he remains at UD Las Palmas.

Promotion at UD Las Palmas is one of the keys considered by the athlete to clear his professional future. As Las Palmas rises, Moleiro told Mírame TV who chooses not to experiment with soda: chooses compassionate conservatism.

The player, who when he touches the ball is like when a great composer covering all genres of music has the ability to produce masterpieces in the yellow team even with a blank score, it is on the agenda of a tonga of European teams. But the homeland was thrown before FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Real Madrid, Liverpool or Aston Villa.

In August 2022, he said that if FC Barcelona had an interest in him, “it means I’m doing things right”, although he stressed that he was still “focused” on his current team and ” forgettable” to rumors of a possible transfer.

Last year, the Canarian-Cuban player said that “a lot has been said but it does not depend on me, but on the club and my representative, I don’t care about all that and focus on what’s important“He said in a press conference.

The attacker, who has established its roots in Las PalmasHe admitted that he accepts all these rumors “well” and makes sure that they do not affect him “personally”, because his goal is to give this season “a small step forward” and improve his performance.

Now, make it clear that it is no longer “the new Peteri”, when in the environment he is forcefully compared to the current player of FC Barcelona, ​​​​something that is “in the past”.

Ramirez introduced himself. The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Angel Ramirezstated after achieving promotion to the First Division that the yellow team could “compete well” in the top flight thanks to “good homegrown baseWhat’s in the template?

The yellow executive said that success will come after one season “very hard, very long, where any team can beat anyoneand all the teams that were at the top were deflated, but We won the lottery and we are First Division teams“, he says.

The president of Las Palmas has confirmed that it is “done” that Xavier García Pimienta continues as coach of the team in the First Division and Alberto Moleiro assured that he will also be part of the squad.

“We need to strengthen with some signings, but I hope this team can compete well in the categorywe have an important base of homegrown players and we will not give it up,” he emphasized.

Source: La Verdad


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