The diamond in the rough where Europe’s greats fight


The diamond in the rough where Europe’s greats fight

France may include Spain in the semifinals and on Eurocopa Under-17 He lost two of his important figures: lamina yamal and marc gui. The two attackers FC Barcelona They go Hungary with four goals, as leaders of the classification of top scorers, along with the Germans Paris Brunner (Dortmund) and Robert Ramsak (Bayern). Laminate aspires to the best player in the championship, but his absence in the final of Budapest He lost his strength against the French Simon Bouabré (number ‘8’ and interior of Monaco) and -above all- noah darvichthe captain of Germany.

The title fight (Friday, Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium) promises a show, which also has a depth charge individually. In Hungary A good part of the most relevant talents of the generation of 2006 have been introduced: the Poles Mateusz Skoczylas and Maksymilian SznaucnerEnglish Ishe Samuels-Smiththe swiss Demir Xhemalijathe Italian Vittorio MagniDarvich is above all. The ’10’ of Germany He is not yet 17, but the ‘new football’ forces us to anticipate the future and bet big first. The big league giants have been in position for months, gathering information, knowing that the acquisition of the services of Darvich can mean making a difference for more than a decade.

Darvich He is the ‘footballer to follow’ and the great talent to tie up. raised to FreiburgHe has one year left on his contract. Through the situation, it enhances the brand of smart, strategic operations. Right now, there are only two ways: renew or face a new project. He PSG He is ready to pay a big transfer. He Freiburg Favorable model, where young people are the main characters: the Under-19 lost in the category, but its subsidiary successfully competes in the third step of bundesliga and in recent years it hasn’t cut it when it comes to promoting homegrown talent. The project will have a change. Its price has risen to Eurocopa Under-17where he doubly underlines his qualities. ajax in Netherlandsthe great ones of Germany and the great ones of Premier they follow him. Discussed Arsenal, Bayernin two ‘Manchesters’ (united and city)… No casualty.

Decisive, by game and numbers

lamina yamal He wouldn’t be in the final, but he left a mark on his way out of the semifinals with one of the most impressive goals of the tournament. The attacker of boat responded to expectations, as it did Darvichwhich was decisive in all the battles leading up to Budapest. He scored a goal against Portugal (also help), was famous then France (in the group stage, with an assist in 1-3 wins), again scoring against Scotlandshowed his personality then Switzerland in the quarterfinals and again dazzled with two assists against Poland, in the semis. A total of two goals and four assists, no other footballer has had such an impact on goal creation and dangerous occasions… except lamina yamal, his great generational rival. The blaugrana went home with four goals and two assists. The German Charles Hermann He had four assists and a goal.

Filled with a huge waste

Creativity, game vision, dribbling, one on one and punching. Darvich It has a mixture of everything, with a special touch that lefties bring out. He can play breaking from right to left, as the axis of the game ‘with a changed band’, but he gets a greater dimension with freedom of movement, from there he expresses the game and marks the times. Expert critics agree on his alpha role within a team full of raw material and really interesting football players, especially from midfield upwards. Darvich plays on the edge of Paris Brunner and Hermanncouple in Dortmund. Assan Ouedraogo (within Schalke 04) is another first-class project and is followed by Osawe, Harchaoui, Eric da Silva will win

French of Iraqi origin

Darvich he will face his father’s country, the French. In the group stage both games have already taken place and Germany it is superior. France It’s more, in play and efficiency. It’s a fun team, like this Germanyresult of miscegenation. Noah play for Germanybut you can do it by France and by Iraq, where are his paternal origins. His father moved to Freiburg (near the border) for many years, where he works as a translator and also as a coach for one of the smaller affiliates of the German federation. Key man, MVP aspirant, future of the PSG… All the spotlights are on noah darvich.

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