The UD Las Palmas player who would not have destroyed himself


British essayist Clive Staples Lewis, author among others of ‘Letters from the devil to his nephew’, argued that “if you seek the truth, you will find comfort in the end; if you seek comfort , you will not find truth or comfort”.

UD Las Palmas chose to find the truth in one of the players who developed a reputational problem as a result of gender violence committed by youth player Joel Dominguez with her former partner. Domínguez has already served a conviction and the yellow team hopes that he has learned from that to give the best of himself in the first team. The mother of the victim, Mara López, sentenced: “helplessness, anger, frustration, sadness…, but they will never give me up in my fight. (…) Now they have given me more power and I will remove all the artillery that is in my store” .

The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Angel Ramirez, is a type that comes from below. You know you learn through adversity. A few weeks ago, when Gran Canaria de Baloncesto won the Eurocup, he remembered his role as a guard in the car parks when there were games at Claret’s old ground in Tamaraceite. In making this film, he was not carried away by social networks and He will give Joel Dominguez a chance to show that you can learn from your mistakes.

And this is the complex history of the youth of UD Las Palmas Joel Domínguez (19 years old) brought it to him. Convicted for an alleged crime of sexist violence against his girlfriend, a minor under 16, he will do the pre-season with the First Division team because the club “believes in sporting rules” to him, want to help him”reunion“And he will give him a chance. Does he reward a violent person? Not at all: he helps him unite and lay foundations in his life.

Don’t blame anyone for their mistakes. “Joel Domínguez is a boy who made a mistake, who was sentenced and is serving the sentence that was imposed. we have to try is to help him reintegrate into society. If we wanted to send him out, we would have sent him out,” said the club’s president, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, in a press conference when asked about the presence of this youngster in the preseason.

When the judgment of the case was known -delivered with conformity and acknowledgment of player facts-the club decided to make his name public and force him to train alone, as punishment, while his sentence lasted: 40 days of work for the benefit of the community.

“If we don’t evict him, because we believe in him sportingly and we understand that it is a player with significant potential. Why don’t we get on with it? From there, it depends on whether you take the opportunity or not. Unfortunately, there is a long list of Canarian players who did not take advantage of the opportunities,” argues the president of the Sports Union.

head. Ramírez hoped that “Joel Domínguez is not one of them” and defended that “UD Las Palmas cannot be blamed for trying to help the people of the land, our football players, our people”.

Domínguez’s conviction for assaulting his girlfriend at the time -several events witnessed by an off-duty police officer- included a restraining order for one year, which includes not contacting him in any way. At this time, the player has another criminal trial open in which the minor accuses him and his mother of violating that protection measure, something he denies.

Source: La Verdad


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