Fraternity with UD Las Palmas


Fraternity with UD Las Palmas

From the coach of UD Las Palmas, Xavi García Medina, to Domingo Espino, promoter of LaLiga Promises in the south of Gran Canaria every December to the new head of the Canary Islands Government from July, Fernando Clavijo, they are in the act of brotherhood for the promotion of UD Las Palmas to the First Division.

The end-of-season cocktail, with the presence of sponsors, suppliers, institutions and mediawhich was announced by the Board of Directors of UD Las Palmas deeply appreciate the invaluable cooperation and support received throughout this memorable coursewhich culminated in extraordinary fashion in our long-awaited promotion to the First Division.

Miguel Angel Ramirezpresident of UD Las Palmas, wanted to say a few words in support of the club: “In order to be promoted we need the support of our sponsors and institutions, but the fans have also been key”, adding about the season that: “The points we added and little we knew, helped us move up to the First Division”. Finally, he reiterated: “Thank you to our sponsors, to the fans and above all to our squad for making UD Las Palmas a First Division team.”

Source: La Verdad


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