Pinoy pole vaulter Ernest Obiena will enter the elite club of six meters


The Philippine Pole Vaulter Ernest Obienbronze in the past World Cups, entered the select the six meter club after winning this Saturday at Bergen Jumping Challenge (Norway) with a mark of 6.00 meters.

Obiena, whose personal best of 5.94 meters allowed him to climb to the third step of the podium last year at the World Championships held in Eugene (United States), improved that record by six centimeters.

Something unexpected after the struggles the 27-year-old Filipino jumper went through to overcome the 5.53 he started the contest with. He got it on the second try.

The current Asian champion is more confident about 5.76, surpassing the first, the same as 5.82 meters.

A solvency that Obiena could not maintain, that this course did not exceed 5.72 meters outside, when the bar stood at 5.88, as shown by the null he signed in his first attempt.

In fact, he gave up jumping again at 5.88 and abandoned his two remaining attempts for 5.94 meters, which Ernest Obiena surpassed in the first, as well as 6.00, which allowed him to enter the elite six meter club

A sensational jump that, however, did not ensure victory for the Asian, who had to play for victory in Bergen with the American KC Lightfoot over 6.06, after seeing how the American also cleared six meters.

But neither Obiena nor Lightfoot, who jumped 6.07 meters in Nashville (United States) on June 2, went over 6.06, giving the Filipino the win because of his fewer null jumps.

Source: La Verdad


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