Guardiola: “Don’t let Real Madrid trust themselves, we’re only 13 of them”


Pep Guardiola He is now a -even more- legend of the benches. The one from Santpedor, the first coach in history to win two Trebles – one for FC Barcelona in 2008/09 and the other for Manchester City currently – is not too happy after winning his third Champions League, the his 35th trophy as a coach. “It gives the feeling that it is over, the job is done. We have nothing left to win. But after a period of rest we will come back. Real Madrid should not be too confident, we are only 13 in the distance is theirs,” the Catalan joked.

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“Here they treated me like a child”

“It’s been so long since the other -Champions League- that I can’t remember. Barça is Barça for me but here they were treated me like a son. It seems that without it there is no point, other things also make a lot of sense” , he continued Guardiolawho wanted to “congratulate Inter on their great game. This competition is a coin in the wind, they can tie us”, he said referring to the many occasions from simone inzaghi In the second half.

Rodriscorer and MVP of the final, ensured that Guardiola He told him at halftime “that it was wrong, that he is a leader and he needs to change his mentality”, to which the ‘citizen’ coach replied: “In the finals of the Champions League I don’t fight breaks. I told him that relaxed, who has been the best midfielder in Europe by far. In the second half he did better”, he pointed out.

“The Stones have had an extraordinary year”

asked John Stonesanother popular one in Istanbul, Guardiola he is full of praise for English. “He’s had an extraordinary year. He used to be consumed by these games, now it’s the opposite. Bernardo’s game… What a player,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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