Oncu dominated from cover to cover at Mugello


The man of the weekend at Mugello is the Turk Deniz Oncu who played in another league in free practice leading three practices and with a margin of 0″367 over Moreira and 0″516 over Holgado, two of the men who starred in the first quarter of the Moto3 championship. And in Q2 there were no surprises and the Turk finished his weekend with his second pole position of the year ahead of Kelso and Sasaki. The application of the penalties pulling half the grid will allow this front row to be completed by the World Cup leader, Holado, from fifth to third as soon as Kelso, second, and Moreira, fourth, come back

Starting at Mugello, the Race Direction decided not to let young drivers look for tires and endanger others and half the grid will drag penalties for this Sunday’s race, some of them very harsh as the last position and a long lap. until now rarely seen -Ortolá, Artigas or Moreira among them- where the rewriting of the starting grid took many hours.

It was difficult for Oncu to find a free track to show the extra speed after one lap and without completing a turn and after an ax blow from the leader Holgado he decided to return to the pitlane. By the time he came back with fresh tires and the pace changed compared to the others, it was a little easier. In fact, in his first complete lap he already took the provisional pole with a 1’56″135 and more than four tenths of a margin, the best time of the weekend and already on the gate of the record that he has not yet finished. due to two scares at Turn 12 in the following laps, but he took pole position half a second ahead of Kelso and Sasaki.

Kelso was sent by suspension to the end of the grid, like Moreira, the front row will be completed by Oncu, Sasaki and Holgado and Masiá will also have many positions, from eleventh to sixth, among others.

Via Q1 Kelso, Furusato, Nepa and Vicente Pérez passed, three of them will end up at the end of the grid due to the heavy penalties they carry. The 19th was classified as José Antonio Rueda, 19th David Salvador and 28th Ana Carrasco.

Qualifying Q2 Moto3 at Mugello

The modified starting grid

Source: La Verdad


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