No US Tour penalty for not signing Messi


FC Barcelona’s failure to sign Leo Messi will not have a negative effect in the cache of the Barca club on the next tour of the United States. The agreements signed for the participation of Xavi Hernández’s team mean that the club’s expected revenue for the tour will be between 12 and 14 million euros, depending on a series of variables, making the US Summer Tour 2023 in one with the highest income for the Barcelona club in its entire history.

The last summer exceeded 10 million and the income from the tour was close to the record, which was almost 12 million, of the summer of 2018. A series of variables could have made that record better, but in the end it was not. Barcelona bring in about 2.5 million per game and the involvement of ticket offices could improve that amount.

‘Puncture’ in Dallas

It is obtained full house in matches against Inter Miami (in Miami), Real Madrid (Las Vegas), Juventus (Dallas) and New York RedBulls (New Jersey). It was sold out or nearly sold out in Miami, Las Vegas and New Jersey, but not in Dallas. this variable this kept Barcelona short of the all-time tour revenue record, although it was close, despite Barcelona’s ban by previous tour organizers Relevent, UEFA’s partners in the crusade against Super League. Relevent, for example, did not allow Barça-Juve to play on the AT&T of the Dallas Cowboys and that is why the game was played in the Cotton Bowl.

Looking forward to this season, the tension drops and Barcelona will play at the home of the Dallas Cowboys: no more or less than the Clásico. The record will be broken. In principle, Xavi is betting on staying in the United States with fewer games than in 2022. Finally there will also be four games: Juventus, in Santa Clara, on July 22; Arsenal, at Los Angeles, on the 26th; Real Madrid, in Dallas, on the 29th; and Milan, in Las Vegas, on the 31st.

Xavi was unable to lower the number of four friendships, but he managed to keep Barcelona focused for ten days in the same place, Los Angeles, to work less traveling. Ten days in Los Angeles with a single trip, to Santa Clara (next to San Francisco), pretty close. either way, the contract is signed before Messi’s decision to go to Miami, so it will not reduce the expected income. It is possible that with him there will be more box office, but in any case there will be less than expected.

Source: La Verdad


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