Sevilla and Monchi certainly closed their farewells


The latest march details Ramon Rodríguez Verdejo, ‘monkey’in astonville They have finished closing this Friday. In an operation that is not easy, with the payment of the English club’s penalty clause and many legal intricacies, the Seville and the sports director behind the successes of the Andalusian team in this century has certainly parted ways.

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He Seville the operation was made official, leaving 3.1 million euros in Sevilla’s coffers. The termination clause amounts to 2.5 million and is paid by astonvillewhile others match the punishment already Monchi He must pay to start performing his work in Birmingham, because the contract is clear that the man from San Fernando has to notify his intention to terminate the contract three months before he leaves. This was one of the points that raised the most friction between the parties, because MonchiBecause of his services provided, he expected a gesture from the Nervión club. He agreed to pay 600,000 euros out of pocket, while the payment clause is something to be paid in his new sports director contract with astonvillewhere the native of Cádiz will receive a salary similar to what he received in Sevillean amount less than 3 million euros.

Monchito meet again Unai Emeryending a long career in Sevillesince the year 2000 and had a two-year break in Rome. The Andalusian club has made their farewell official, while they have not yet determined who will replace them. Braulio Vazquezsports director of Osasunais one of the candidates that has gained strength in recent times, while Fernando Navarro and Emile of Godsupplements of Monchi within Sevilledevelop another option, as a third Victor Orta.

He Seville has been ascertained Monchi he will say goodbye in the anteroom of the stadium in the next few days in a press conference.

Source: La Verdad


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