“Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t won the US Open”


Emma Raducanu, winner of the US Open in 2021, said that “sometime” he wished he hadn’t won grand slamfor all the pressure and suffering that has caused him since then.

the british currently off track, since April, for various operations on an ankle and a wrist. Since he won US Open, coming from the previous stage and not losing a set throughout the tournament, She never again played a final at the WTA level and her ranking fell outside the top 100 in the world.

“That time on the track, when I was celebrating the US Open, I feel like I can change any pain in the world for this moment,” the tennis player told the newspaper The Times.

“Everything that I find along the way I would overcome to be able to live this, because it is the best feeling in the world. I promised myself that day. Since then, I have had many relapses, one after another. I am resilient. and I have a high tolerance, but it’s not easy. Sometimes, I think to myself: “I wish I didn’t win the US Open, I wish it didn’t happen,” Raducanu added.

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“That’s when I think: ‘”remember that moment, that promise, because it’s so pure.”

The British will not play on the grass tour, including Wimbledon, to recover from operations, and there is no specific deadline to reappear.

Source: La Verdad


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