Clausewitz Tonono: the agent 007 of UD Las Palmas who annoys CD Tenerife


CD Tenerife and UD Las Palmas are sister clubs from the Canary Islands but the truth is that they have a cold war for the acquisition of the important island quarry. This June CD Tenerife signed a young footballer from Unión Yaiza, Yeray Tavío (16), and Las Palmas did the same; but there is a difference: he shut it up.

Athens against Sparta. The yellow ‘Malay drop’ strategy reached the extreme so Tenerife signed the right hand of Antonio Afonso Moreno, Tonono, Jony Vega. tone when he visits Tenerife for work he even becomes the subject of the news because he cooks something. Tenerife, as revealed by Mundo Deportivo, has also responded by sending its recruitment managers to Las Palmas.

But Tonono knows that the yellow orchestra of the future is rehearsing everything at low heat. The yellow recruiting chief is a kind of Prussian military man who every day with an island player talks to him about Mozart, hence Mozart Moleiro. “We must avoid being terrorists in training processes“, Tonono told UD Radio this June, where he referred to himself as “a trench director”.

UD Las Palmas is only in Tenerife It has 7 field agents and 4 prospective managers. This upsets CD Tenerife, who counterattacked by signing one of the heads of Tonono’s infiltrator office. Meaning: Yoni Vega is one of the shadowy network of contacts made up of yellow sources who tell the players.

Complete silence. “We have to look at all corners and the best players from the archipelago will come who know how to hide the pass. Things have to be done from the deadly silence,” said Tonono.

Tonono, in recruiting the youth system for UD Las Palmas, already promotes the Prussian theory of Clausewitz who said “in tactics, every encounter, big or small, results in a defensive encounter if we leave the initiative to the enemy and wait for him to enter our front”.

UD Las Palmas has that personality of players without ego through the work and grace of a Tonono who has done from a young age to Eric Curbelo, Álex Suárez, Clau Mendes, Saúl Coco, Benito Ramírez, Diego Gutiérrez, Sergio Simon, kirian rodriguezMoleiro, Sandro, Vitolo, Viera or Pedri himself, who is now worth 100 million euros.

The new Tonono squad that moves with UD Las Palmas to the First Division in 2023 is Iñaki González (defensive midfielder), Juanma Herzog (central), Johan Guedes (right winger)Ivan Medina (attacking midfielder), Joel Dominguez (right winger)Ale García (right winger) and Ale Palanca (right winger).

decisions and procedures. “We brought Pedri, Moleiro, but we didn’t say anything. What we do is observe, and we want to be in every corner of the archipelago. This time we will have the best players at every stage”, said Tonono.

“UD Las Palmas has prestige in the sense of collaboration with the youth academy. Recruit, train and promoteTonono said.We don’t have to sell something that is in DNA of our policy. Canarian boys want to go to UD, and we have a field that has been cultivated for a long time, it’s something historical.”

summary secret. He adds that “we have the potion well hidden,” said Tonono, who added: “We brought in Pedri when he was still a cadet. We are aware that two or three players can leave, but we are loyal in our policy.”

“In Tenerife we ​​have the best observers, it’s not an individual job, it’s a team job,” he said. This 2023 included the “phenomena” of La Palma, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

mozart moleiro. Regarding Alberto Moleiro, who played 40 games at UD Las Palmas in LaLiga Smartbank, Tonono remembers with nostalgia “It has a very significant margin of improvementHe is not afraid”. “In the First Division we will enjoy Moleiro more and he will know how to express his game more in the First Division, he wants to improve and look for excellence”.

Source: La Verdad


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