IOC withdraws recognition of International Boxing Association (IBA)


He The International Olympic Committee (IOC) this Thursday removed the recognition of the International Boxing Association, “the only solution” possible after this federation reached the “point of no return” in its governance problems.

This proposal does not mean that boxing will disappear Olympic Gameswhose program he is the same Paris 2024 as in Los Angeles 2028, informed the general director of IOC, Christophe deKepperbefore the 140th Session of the organization, meeting in an extraordinary way and through telematics the future of Olympic boxing as the main item on the agenda.

IOC members voted 69-1, with 10 abstentions, in favor of withdrawing recognitionthus following the recommendation made by its Executive Committee.

IBA already has a provisional withdrawal since 2019.

According to De Kepper, the IBA has shown an unwillingness to “evolve” on matters of corruption, finance and arbitration.

The IBA has been led since December 2020 by the Russian Umar Kremlev, a controversial character who maintains a permanent pulse on the IOC and who, in the opinion of this body, has not carried out the necessary reforms to guarantee the management of the federation and the transparency on key issues such as arbitration.

De Kepper cited IBA’s financial dependence on Russian state-controlled company Gazprom and its inability to diversify its revenue.

Regarding the integrity of the competitions, the manager explained, the federation decided not to apply the arbitration systems used by the IOC in Tokyo 2020, which reduced the influence of the human factor and minimized the risks.

“Arbitration concerns have not been satisfactorily addressed,” summarized.

The president of the IOC, the German Thomas Bach, declared before the vote (in which he abstained) that the problem was “not with boxing or the boxers”, but that they “deserve government of a federation that is clear and clean. .

Boxing tournaments for the 2024 and 2028 Games will not be organized by IBA. This already happened at Tokyo 2020, when the IOC took on that role.

Umar Kremlev blame for the diseases of I’M GOING (formerly AIBA) to former Taiwanese President KC Wu, who became a member of Executive and candidate of the IOC to lead it, and the Russian said it deserves a “shot”.

Several federations have drawn the outline of a parallel organization, World Boxingwith the support of the United States and Switzerland and the interest of twenty more countries.

Source: La Verdad


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