Funny: The ‘orange’ will play a game shrouded in secrecy


Less than a month after the start of world women’s tournament in Australia and New Zealand, the teams are constantly preparing to face the competition in the best conditions. AND Holland is no exception. In this sense, what the local press revealed this Friday about the preparation of the ‘Orange’ internationals is surprising.

‘’ points out that the team is planning to play a preparation game against a men’s team to get in touch with tighter football and that match, a priori, is scheduled to be open to the media . However, the KNVB, the Dutch football federation, scrapped the idea.

Not that he forbade the meeting, which was to be held this Sunday morning, but he decided that it would be closed. They do not want to know absolutely nothing, even if the result of this is exceeded. The reason? They don’t want to ruin the team’s reputation if they lose.

Cloths will probably be hung around the pitch and security staff will make sure there are no ‘lovers’ in practice bowling. The KNVB wants to consider it -according to the aforementioned media- as ‘a game that has never been played’. “The expectation is that the ‘Orange’ will lose to the teenagers and that will not be good for the state of the Dutch women’s team,” they believe in Zeist.

Source: La Verdad


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