Kroos does not rule out continuing for many more years at Real Madrid


Toni Kroos33, just renewed with Real Madrid until 2024 and in the “Einfach mal luppen” podcast he shared with his brother Felix, he explained how that renewal went and left the door open to continue for more time at Real Madrid.

Why did you renew?

“Because I feel this is the right thing to do. In fact, I would like to congratulate the club on the way they have handled this whole thing. I think it has again turned out to be a course of events entirely worthy of my connection with the club, on both sides. I played my role saying from the beginning and always very clearly: ‘I’m not leaving here. I’m not sure if I want to play another year or not, but I’m not leaving here.’ Of course, the club must consider two important things: in theory, he can sign elsewhere at any time from January 1. One is that the club, in theory, can put pressure on me earlier. And the second is, when the new year starts, you have to plan to some extent for the next season in terms of personnel. So it is better to know at the beginning of January than at the end of June. So the club was so happy that I said: ‘I’m not going to do anything, I’m not going to change clubs, you have that security’. Here we don’t need a big negotiation or haggling, I won’t bring another club through an adviser’. But not once was pressure put on them to know this. That’s what the club sent me, having such respect. I took my time and still said that I wanted to inform the club because I wanted them to have security in the planning.

Reasons for renewal

“I’m still looking forward to it, I feel good, my health is good and I have the feeling that I can realistically contribute something to the team. I also don’t want to make a decision in October, because a season is long and sometimes the breakdown in the final stage is noticeable. To this day I can still say that I have a feeling that I still matter. I always say that for me it is key to finish on a high level and not drag myself in some way for more three years.

your ambition

“Watching the playoffs the last few months, I can say it’s still there. I want to keep playing those kinds of matches. We’ll see if it continues. But I still have the same desire to win them. matches and these as I did 15 years ago. titles. I’m not tired at all. It still gets on my nerves when we lose games. That’s also important, that the feeling is still there. And I still enjoy football, that’s what I like. I I’m aware that I’ll never be able to do something so well. I’m still happy with the pressure here. Same thing with expectations. I’m not one to go somewhere where all of a sudden I’m playing for an apple and an egg, where I’m fighting for seventh or eighth place.”

The time of your renewal

“I told the club at the time, a few weeks ago I accepted this offer. I am very happy about it. My agents were in Madrid for a meeting on this topic. I think it took four which was only discussed for an hour and fifteen minutes. Again, it was as simple as ever at Real Madrid”.

Retired in 2022

“I was not serious. Of course, in such cases, you are a bit more emotional. You get the feeling: you can’t get higher. In the end it was the same. For me it was an incredibly special day. The previous victory (in the Champions League) was in 2018 and everything was in the stadium. Doing that again at the same time knowing how hard it is… I didn’t take it as a joke at all. I was not ready to take that step at the time, but at least two or three times it crossed my mind, it was true. But then came the thoughts that I still have now: it’s not that I end up regretting it. You feel good enough, even for Real Madrid. So I decided to leave it there in my mind.”

Renew at Real Madrid

“Right now I don’t want to commit to anything. I do not know. Perhaps there will be an earlier, clearer decision… or not. Why close both roads now? No reason, at least not now. We’ll see how the year starts, how everything works. Then I ask myself the same questions as this person. This year also there are some arguments on the other side. There may or may not be more. We will see. Now I don’t have to compromise.”

Source: La Verdad


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