Brazil, the most ‘exporting’ country ahead of France and Argentina


Brazil It is the country that exports the most players to foreign leagues, leading France Y Argentinaaccording to the CIES Football Observatory’s annual study.

Spain, the eighth

A total of 1,219 soccer players in Brazil play abroad, compared to 978 French and 815 Argentines. Argentina (815), England (525), Germany (441), Colombia (425) at Spain (409) follow them on this list.

While the number of Brazilians and Argentines abroad has experienced a slight increase since 2017 with 4 and 6%, respectively, the number of French has increased significantly to 27%.

English rose by 25%, Germans by 31, Colombians by 41 and Spanish by 14. The increase of 86% of Venezuelans or 81% of Ecuadorians is outstanding.

The main destination of Brazilian expatriates is Portugalthat of the Argentines greatthat of the French Luxembourgwhich is in English Scotlandthat of the Germans Turkeythat of the Colombians Mexico and of the Spaniards England.

Source: La Verdad


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