Uriarte’s positive in his first year at the helm of Athletic


1. Comprehensive analysis of the real situation of Athletic

Uriarte, as he promised during the campaign, devoted the first six months of his term to conducting a complete analysis of the Athletic situation. The rojiblanco club itself explained yesterday that it is “a process of reflection and analysis in which the executive heads of the entity and the Board of Directors participate together.” The result of this work is the so-called Strategic Reflection of the situation and the resulting Action Plan called ‘AC Aurrera’. At the beginning of July, it will be announced how the plan is progressing. Until now, no one has followed a similar process at Athletic.

2. Defending the club above all else

Athletic has shown in this year of Uriarte’s tenure that the club’s interest is above all in matters of importance in the world of football. The entity of Ibaigane, for example, remained steadfast in its joint position with Real Madrid and Barça against the so-called CVC, a position from which the culé club separated itself. Uriarte, however, attended the workdays organized by LaLiga in Dubai, something the other two big clubs did not do, and promoted Athletic’s independence when it came to positioning itself and other things as defense of its interests. .

3. The Assembly of partners is close to perfection at the organizational level

Beyond the important issues, the first Assembly of Commitment Members led by Jon Uriarte and his board of directors bordered on perfection at the organizational level. Everything went well, with a wide and detailed explanation of the matter to be dealt with, it was possible to vote for the first time without having to go to the polls thanks to the use of automatic control and it was also personal and online. . Athletic top managers, as seen in Euskalduna, fully oversee these organizational levels.

4. Valverde, fill San Mamés and atypical income

Valverde was, without a doubt, the main support in the management of Uriarte in his first year as president. Athletic worked fairly well throughout the course, although it collapsed in the final sprint of the League. The fact that the ball went in until then allowed the president and his circle to live in peace. The directive also had a direct effect on the improvement of the influx of spectators to San Mamés and the attempt to generate so-called atypical resources, although some of them were not liked by the social masses and the rojiblanca fans.

Source: La Verdad


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