The radical change of Chelsea champion of the Champions League in 2021


He Chelsea crossed the sky for the second time in its history on May 29, 2021 in a stadium of do Dragao half empty due to pandemic restrictions, to be revolutionizing the template due to economic needs squander a million to signatories who did not comply and did not make one of the worst time in the club’s recent history.

Chelsea Survivors 2020-21

The turnaround Londoners experienced at the time was almost a miracle 2020-21 after name Thomas Tuchel as a technician on January 26, replaced Frank Lampardwhen the group is not yet among the candidates for ‘Orejona’. The German hand completely changed the face of the team and based the game on a solid 5-3-2 was able to remove Atletico Madridin Port and in real Madrid and defeat the mighty City of Manchester at the end of European Cup.

two years after that Chelsea What surprised Europe was not the German coach or the Russian owner, Roman Abramovichand only four players remain from the starting eleven, counting the departures of Edward Mendy, Kai Havertz and Cesar Azpilicueta they are approaching. And for the ‘blue’ set 2023-24 Only three of those four secured their position, Ben Chilwell, Thiago Silva and Reece Jamesbecause the latest information indicates that Mason Mount has a foot and a half outside as it joins Manchester Utd.

Without going any further, included Timo Werner within leizpig from 2022and if the removal of Mountain and of Havertzthe three players who created the goal that gave the highest continental title to those Stamford Bridgelays down brilliant line-pulling plays that shock the ‘citizen’s’ defense.

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Why change an already working project?

This is the question that most ‘pensioner’ fans ask themselves, not understanding how they are in this situation today, when two years ago they occupied the Old continent with a staff full of young people with many potential and has a wonderful trainer and has Connection with staff and fans.

The beginning of the course change began on May 7, 2022 when the Russian tycoon, Abramovichwho has owned the club ever since 2003sold the entity to the American billionaire, Todd Boehleyafter economic sanctions for Ukrainian war. The first step you took Boehly when it comes, fire the sports director Marina Granovskayawho has been a key figure on the subject of transfers and has included great talents during his years at London.

Also, despite the face change in the technical direction, the fans faced wrong thought the arrival of the new owner, as it promised large investments on the move to dominate the European scene. And the investment in transfers was carried out, with more than 600 million invested in 2022-23but with bad management almost all assigned to players who didn’t meet expectations and included prices completely disproportionate.

This last season started to go wrong very quickly with a poor start to the Tuchel on the bench, and the differences that arose between the owner and the coach over the signings, caused him to shot fired on September 8. his successor, Graham Potterdid not change the dynamics, he could only have a good run of results at the beginning and ended up being stopped on April 2. In the end, the season ended again in Frank Lampard as a coach, but his baggage could not be worse than countless defeat and poor performances.

Chelsea 2023-24, a new beginning

In Mauricio Pochettino announced that as a new coach and set his eyes on facing a season where the main goal is to return to Champions after the twelfth in the last edition of Premier Leaguethis summer market is key and necessary hit with the additions to return the team to a competitive team.

The Argentine coach knows the difficulties created by Financial Fair Play at the time of signing and the very high number of chips he has in the squad, and he has already assigned the players to whom does not belong and they have to pack their bags. Some are very important this last course or there is a lot of hierarchy in the dressing room, such as Kai Havertz, Cesar Azpilicueta, N’Golo Kante either joao felix.

Now his main task, beyond giving the names he wants to include, is to deliver his game idea in the preseason and to motivate and create unity in a squad that has not given a sense of group for a year. In addition, for now, in the absence of new reinforcements, the famous footballers to lead this new Chelsea are: Christopher Nkunku, Reece James and Enzo Fernandez.

Source: La Verdad


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