Jordi Torras: “We will experience another year of success”


He Futsal Barça He put an end to the League’s conquest era, but they were already wondering what was to come. The manager Jordi Torres (September 24, 1980, Sant Vicenç dels Horts) attended the MD to review the course and explain the future plans of the section.

What balance do you make on the course?

With the League over and the Champions League playing again, it can be said that it will be another good season. It would be perfect if we won the Champions League or fought in the Final Four. There is also the Spanish Cup that we did not win. It is very difficult to win everything and we come from a season with four titles, but we can say that this season has been successful.

In the league playoffs they were unstoppable, is that what it’s supposed to do?

When these moments come, the players step forward. The weather is quite irregular for many reasons, but there is one main reason, which is the calendar. It’s very demanding. Especially for options. We are a team that has taken a lot of internationals and they have more load than usual, with trips. If you value the season, it is very demanding and it is normal to have some downturns. The team got him at the end of the regular season but they knew if we won the League it would give us peace of mind. If it’s not won and you’re left out of the Champions League, it’s not going to be a good season.

The highlight of the season is the Champions League, how did you experience it?

We tackled it with great enthusiasm. There is something strange but true, that we lost two titles like the Spanish Cup and the Champions League without losing. The Champions League came early in the season and we didn’t expect what happened. In the first game of the Elite Round they asked us for goals and we came out calm and in the second game we won 5-2 with five minutes to go, but that’s our sport. It’s true that not reaching the Final Four was a blemish on the season.

I remember you said that Velasco’s second years were better, have you seen it?

It was something that was said there where he trained. On a playing level, the team noticed this and played better, regardless of the fact that we won fewer and less important titles. The players struggled to understand Velasco’s preferred game, an attractive and offensive game. People don’t remember that three of the four titles we won last year were on penalties and not superior. The only one where we were superior was the Champions League and we had to come back from 3-0 down in the semis. I think we are better because of the game we have seen, especially in these playoffs. In this club it is demanded to win and also to play well.

In addition, the signings of Catela, Sergio González and Antonio fit perfectly…

I give all three of them a very positive note, for how they adapted and for what they contributed. They are young players with a lot of potential. It’s my turn to make this generational change and there are three pieces that have a bright future and they showed it. Next year they have to be more heroes and they have a level.

The ones who finished their cycle are Marcenio and Ortiz, why weren’t they offered to renew?

You need to energize the squad. Ortiz renewed last year because he deserved it, but now he’s going to be almost 40. He’s going to contribute a lot to us but someone else needs to take over his role. Marcenio is a shame because he is a great player that I respect a lot. In his case there were age and economic issues. You have to make these decisions. I told him a long time ago and I want to make a special mention for him because he has become a professional, knowing that he will not continue next season. Time to spice up the squad a bit.

Now it looks like Erick is coming, what can he contribute?

Hope it becomes official soon. In principle it will bring youth and help to the defensive side. He is a player with a lot of character and he will come hungry, although he also won a lot at Sporting. I think the adaptation will be fast and he can occupy several positions, but mainly in the defensive area. In the marches of Marcenio and Ortiz it plays. It will be a beautiful piece.

For the next year there is a forecast of betting on the quarry, what names do we have to follow with a magnifying glass?

In the first year of the project many players made their debut, but this year they are not so well known even though they have participated a lot. In the coming year they have to be very protagonists. I can say the mouth is big. We will have a squad with 13 players, with Sergio Lozano in full recovery and who we expect in February, so the basic players will play. One of them is Harrison, Albert Ortas, Marc Puigvert, Aniol, Kokoro and the goalkeepers Martí and Pau who will help us. There are players who are a bit ahead because of their experience in the subsidiary, like Harrison, Ortas and Puigvert, and there is also the youngster Adrián Tapias, who will be a senior next year. There are six or seven players who can help us a lot and be involved.

How is the section budget for this season?

We all know how the club is doing and it is true that there are sales. We rely a lot on football, but one thing is clear to me. Despite the reduction or adjustment that needs to be made for the current market, the budget is more than any team in the world. I am calm and I am sure that we will have a very competitive team. This does not necessarily affect us in sports. It’s true that we have to adjust because we come from old contracts that are above the market, everyone knows that, but I’m trying to adjust to be the best team in the world despite the reduction.

Looking ahead there are important adjustments, will you continue the policy of cuts?

Yes. We have an entertaining year ahead. I would have liked to do renovations, but it was not possible. Now we have to fix our market, appreciate the staff and the young people we have. The goal is to create a competitive team and gradually change this generation that has given us so much.

One of the pending renewals is Sergio Lozano, has he been offered?

This is one of my pending issues, but damage fails all. He’s a player who feels like he’s from home, which we see differently than others, and first we have to look at his recovery. I was calm and I told him to be calm. This is a case different from the others, for everything it has given us and what it represents, but in the current situation you have to be patient. For me there is no problem as long as I can fight. There was confidence for him to continue, but he had to decide between him and the doctors. I am sure he will recover and we will have him in February. I would renew him with my eyes closed, but you have to assess how he will compete. If he is an opponent, he will renew.

When did you end your contract, were you asked to move on?

I will finish it next year, but in principle I will continue. There is an agreement and I will continue, I don’t know if it will be two more years, until the mandate of the board is over. I am calm and charming and they show me a lot of confidence. I try to match it with my work.

Will you fight for all the titles again next year?

The team is made to compete for all the titles. One thing worries me, it’s the demands of the calendar. If we can respect our injuries and the basic players help us a lot, we have to try to reach the finals and the playoffs in good condition to fight for the titles. I am sure we will experience another successful year.

Source: La Verdad


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