QSF: "This was the most complicated time I had to live"


Quique Sanchez Florescoach ng Getafedeclared Tuesday that today’s fight against Osasuna could be the “prize” for the safety they have long sought, at a time that, on a personal level, has become the “most complicated” he has had to survive. .

It is up to Getafe to achieve permanence, a goal on which he relies on himself and he can still reach the next day by overcoming the goal difference in Mallorca.

To achieve this, they had to beat Osasuna and Mallorca did not add three points against Sevilla, although it would also be worth a draw if the vermilion team beat Sánchez Pizjuán.

If none of these combinations are provided, Getafe will have to wait for the next day, where they will host Barcelona, ​​second classified, before closing out the season with Martínez Valero against Elche, who are almost rescued.

“Against Osasuna we will see a game of emotions, always controversial, of high tension, with two teams alike. If that is the reward for all the effort and mental fatigue, it will be amazing. amazing and welcome, ”Quique said, at a press conference.

“We have a feeling that we are a balanced team, competing in every game, is always in the game, and even if there are stages where it can be surpassed, we can compete. Teams that play under additional pressure in the long run weather showed strength but even the greatest need to regenerate their minds, ”he said.

“They always measure us. We’re not afraid of any kind of opportunity. Life opportunities are there to take advantage of and hopefully we know how to do it with Osasuna. We need to know how to live in this dynamic, we know something how to do it in 28 games, and we’re not changing anything, ”he said.

Avoid talking about your future

Finally, Quique Sánchez Flores avoided talking about his future although he studied the season he was experiencing at Getafe. “I was in a stage of full maturity. It was the most complicated time I had to live after so many years of training. I had to live it, it was a new experience, but I felt good. I didn’t feel like I was taken away. “I know the years in life or the mind has gone crazy. It tests us for manpower and when the season is over I will explain what the process is,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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