An electric Berlingo is the 15 millionth car produced in Vigo


Vigo is the factory with the highest production volume to date in Spain

The Citroën plant in Vigo began production of cars in 1958. Since then, car icons have emerged from the Stellaantis car consortium’s factory in the Galician city. a center that has reached a cumulative production of 15 million units with an electric Berlingo. It has thus become the factory with the largest production volume to date in Spain.

“Today we commemorate the 15 millionth vehicle produced in Vigo. The millionaire model, the new Citroën ë-Berlingo, is a symbol of our know-how, of the work of generations of employees closely involved in efficiency and quality,” emphasized the director of Stellantis Vigo, Ignacio Bueno.

For his part, the director of Citroën Spain and Portugal, Nuno Marques, has indicated that with the marketing of its 100% electric version, Citroën ë-Berlingo has become “an ambassador of the brand’s electrification strategy and the transformation of Spain into a country most production of zero-emission vehicles, thanks in part to Citroën’s ‘Made in ë-Spain’ strategy».

Artense Gray in color, the millionaire vehicle is equipped with a 136 hp electric motor and is destined for the city of Valencia. The brand emphasized that the protagonist of this record “is a faithful reflection of the electrification strategy of Citroën and Stellantis, in which Spain plays a leading role as a producing country.”

The Citroën Berlingo belongs to a family story that was produced in 1996 in Vigo. From then to today, three generations of this vehicle have seen the light of day, with 3,066,122 factory production units. The third generation of this commercial and versatile model was launched in 2018 and will have a 100% electric version from 2021.

To commemorate this event, a commemorative photo was taken with the vehicle at the end of the factory, attended by Ignacio Bueno, factory managers, works council representatives and workers’ representatives.

The ‘zero emissions’ version of the Citroën Berlingo, which is mounted on a modification of the EMP2 multi-energy platform, started production in Vigo in July 2021. The vehicle is produced in the plant’s System 2, which operates in tomorrow’s equipment. afternoon and evening.

Batteries are assembled in the factory battery workshop. Later they are transferred to the assembly line, to the engine compartment, to be integrated together with the mechanical elements.

Stellaantis Vigo has produced 37 different models in a long history of 64 years of activity. The Citroën Berlingo saga holds the record for 26 years in the factory, along with the Peugeot Partner, and followed by other emblematic models produced in Vigo, such as the Citroën 2CV produced for 25 years and the Citroën C15, which remained in production lines for 21 years.

Production began with the Citroën AZU van on April 10, 1958, and iconic models such as the 2CV, the Dyane 6 or the Méhari, as well as the refractory C-15, were assembled in the factories.

Citroën Mehari: the curious story of the car that emerged from an accident

Since then, the facilities have undergone a major transformation, aimed at maximizing the space of a factory completely surrounded by urban areas. For this reason, the latest warehouses in use have different heights which allow different tasks to be performed on different floors.

It has also undergone an intense automation process, which today ranges from logistics -with autonomous forklifts that classify and accelerate the receipt of goods- to all stages of the production process. Autonomous AGV platforms have also been introduced, which distribute parts synchronously to operators, as well as the production of some tools using the 3D technique, which has drastically reduced delivery times in some cases.

Source: La Verdad


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