Roberto Bou took the second part of the marathon stage


The Spanish Robert Bou (Cannondale TB) is a whirlwind in second part of the marathon stageproving that he was superior in crossing sands and when traveling in the immense desert, which led him to victory in third stage of Titan Desert who joined Ksar Jdaid and Fezzou in the 106 km of pure desert, where his teammate Francisco Herrero retained the red jersey.

Bou (Barcelona, ​​28 years old), who lives in the mountains of Teruel, -living in Mora de Rubielos-, gave a recital in the second part of the marathon stage, shortened by 20 km, which eliminates of the two planned. port, due to extreme conditions of hardness and extreme heat, above 45 degrees.

A reduction in the suggestion of the medical team, which increased the attention of the participant, who also felt his miraculous intervention that on Monday saved the life of a runner who suffered serious heart problems.

Bou certainly remembered the doctors the moment he crossed the finish line as the winner, with a time of 3h.33.43, averaging 29.7 km/hour. Excitedly, he recalled the aforementioned medical intervention.

“I dedicate this achievement to the doctors for what they do for all of us. Yesterday they saved a life and I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” said Bou, who recalled that Teruel also existed. in his athletic career. “In my hometown, Mora de Rubielos, I trained a lot to get here in shape, in an area of ​​lonely towns, high, perfect for preparation,” he said.

As Bou wiped his tears from his sand -filled face, Sergio Mantecón entered the finish line as second place in 1.57 minutes, and then Pau Marza in 2.17. At once the general’s staff arrived. Francisco Herrero defeated Konny Looser by 3 seconds, who strayed to the edge of the goal that deflected long after him.

Herrero, Spanish marathon champion strongly believes in this. It was his worst day on a bike, he suffered hard on the sands and was left behind many times, but his teammate Roberto Bou waited for him, took him to the race leader and allowed him to save the red jersey. etc. else, Because I’m about to fold a towel.

“Thanks to Bou I’m still in the lead. In the sands I was confused by the pressure of the tires, I was isolated, but Roberto helped me allow me to save first place. Now I strongly believe that it is possible to win the Titan”, said of Segovian.

Herrero maintained the general’s command one day the mountain was removed, but a few sandstorms made the trip an additional safety test. He led Looser by 3 seconds, who regretted not climbing the climbs, and Pau Marza by 11 minutes.

If not for a horrible mistake by Bou in the second period when he could not control the step and was punished by 5 hours, the Catalan could have fought for the red jersey. His strength showed it on stage. He first stepped out of the sands, navigated as if nothing else, waited and pulled Herrero and finally he stood out — nodding when the sandstorm was the strongest to destroy all his rivals.

Anna Ramírez, stubborn

In the women’s event, shine again Anna Ramirez, who again had an interesting duel with Namibian Vera Looser. Eventually the Catalan was superior and entered the finish line with 32 seconds left over his rival. Third place went to Ramona Gabriel, far from the previous ones, at 5.57.

Ramírez will come out to defend the light blue jersey that identifies the leader in the fourth period with a lead of 5.07 compared to Vera Looser.

This Wednesday the fourth stage will return to the sands of Erg Chebbi with a route of 116 km and 958 meters of unevenness. A day on the vast sandy and rocky plains to measure the strength of the runners.

The beautiful spaces of the desert will once again offer the possibility of launching into a navigation adventure, where some find treasure and others are their doom. The adventure continues in the endless desert.

Source: La Verdad


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