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The 20th stage ended a few minutes ago and I was still so excited that I couldn’t get up from the sofa. What is the end of the Tour and what is the beginning of Tour we lived It has been a very special Tour. Amazing. At the sports level and all. And how much public there is every day. You now saw the crowd that was on the mountain passing by. There was one that had up to three and four rows of fans along the 7 and 8 kilometers, and how they had fun. Goosebumps!

another day, vingegaard and pogacar, amazing. Did you see how the leader was looking for Pogacar all the time? I want to control it. In the end, Vingegaard tried, but he was unable to blast a Pogacar faster than him in this type of finals.

I have to say, have you seen it? Michael Landa? and in Movistar team? Mikel and Movistar have been exposed… I’ll say it, they just ran out of enric masIt is true that in the end only five cyclists finished, but a team like them, who world tour! they should have more leadership, do something else. Jorgenson He saves them for a few days with his class and power, but he leaves and Movistar it is diluted. It’s just not possible. The latter says if they tell you they don’t run the Tour you believe it because they haven’t seen it.

I will repeat, this has been a wonderful Tour. Very controversial, not remembered for many years. Making a comparison, think about how the Turn around and how the Tour has been, with stages in Italy of more than 200 kilometers everywhere and short and explosive stages, in the mountains, in the Tour, which is what people want, the show, scheduling stages also in the fabricated climb and looking for the main dates.

Do you remember how the time trial is played? They say 22 kilometers is very small and it is there somewhere vingegaard he won the Tour, although the next day he confirmed his victory.

Tomorrow, like every year on the last day, a day of greetings, photos, goodbyes, toasts with champagne and waiting to see which sprinter will win the Paris.

Source: La Verdad


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