Guruzeta continues to bring Amorebieta to life


Gorka Guruzeta continued to give life to Amorebieta this Saturday with the goal scored against Huesca sa Lezama which gave three points to the blues and keeps them with options to reach permanently LaLiga SmartBankwhich is temporarily two points away until matchday 40 is completed.

With this victory, ‘Amore’ reached Real Sociedad B on the table and was behind by two points Sports and in Malagawhich marked safety with two more points awaiting in what Sunday’s visits brought Girona in Molinón and Málaga in Tenerife.

Guruzeta he scored his goal, the Gipuzkoan forward’s thirteenth of the season, from the middle of another former Athletic player Larrazabal, who added his sixth assist on the course. The low ball that Guru finished on the nearby pole slipped between his legs Andres Fernandez.

Huesca remained in numerical inferiority in the 62nd minute after being sent off Dani Escriche, just leaving the field, for the difficult entrance Peru Nolaskoain.

The fight had already begun with Amorebieta determined to surround the Huesca area with continuous crosses from the wings, almost always from Larrazabal and Seguín. Although they lack the skill and good shots of their colleagues.

On that line, the best minutes of those Haritz Mujika the first half was in the middle of that first half. When a good cross from Seguín did not find an auctioneer and another urgent cross from Larrazabal was not used by Serge Moreno.

Even the good chance before the rest of the blues is Guruzeta, on a very well managed counter by Sergio Moreno, who left the goal recorded by the former Athletic player. But Guruzeta missed the shot he liked best, the one bouncing inside his foot.

answered the Huesca, who was able to get ahead in the first half stoppage with a great individual play by Seoane. A ‘slalon’ sloping in front of Saizar’s place ended up on a cross he could not reach. Darius.

The start of the second half affected what was seen in the first, with a cross from Sergio Moreno without finding a finisher and another from Andrei who led Seoane.

The local goal came in the 56th minute, with a Larrazabal center failing to break through the visiting defense and that Guruzeta finished in the close post without. Andres Fernandezwho threw the ball at him, could remove it.

The red on Escriche six minutes later fell to an imbalance that caused too much, although Huesca did not lose face in the fight and still had a good chance to equalize in an individual Argentine action. Gaich. Who encounters the stick in a cross shot at half a turn in the minute

Although more than 1-1 by Xisco Muñoz’s team, what Lezama surpassed was the 2-0 he sought most of all. Iker Bilbaowho couldn’t connect center from Larrazabal and hooked two beautiful shots from the side of the box.

It could also be 2-0 at discount time in an individual game by Larrazaba in the 94th minute and in one shot, just off the far post, which Olaetxea Incredibly finished.

Data sheet:

1 – Amorebieta: Saizar; Larrazabal, Oscar Gil (Markel Lozano, m.81), Nolaskoain, Irazabal, Seguín; Javi Ros (Olaetxea, m.77), San José, Álvaro Peña (Iker Bilbao, m.46); Sergio Moreno (Obieta, m.77) and Guruzeta (Unzueta, m.84).

0 – Huesca: Andres Fernandez; Andrei Ratiu (Gerard Valentín, m.58), Insua, Ignasi Miquel, Florian Miguel (Lombardo, m.74); Timor, Mosquera, Mikel Rico (Gaich, m.64); Seoane, Marc Mateu (Joaquín, m.58) and Darío (Escriche, m.58).

The objectives: 1-0, m.56: Guruzeta.

Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo (Castilla-La Mancha Committee). He chased Escriche, in the 62nd minute, for an intense tackle on Nolaskoain. In addition, he showed a yellow card to locals Obieta (m.82), Irazabal (m.87), Nolaskoain (m.89) and San José (m.95), and to Timorese visitors (m. .42) and Insua (m. .87)

Incidents: LaLiga SmartBank matchday 40 match, played with Lezama in front of nearly a thousand spectators.

Source: La Verdad


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