Ancelotti: “Danger remains”


The Real Madrid coach says the Belgian will continue next year “to demonstrate his quality” and that he will already have minutes this Sunday in Cádiz, where Benzema, Vinicius and Courtois will rest

The pragmatic Carlo Ancelotti radiates calm, optimism and happiness to his dressing room and to those who listen to him. He usually leaves surprising headlines, as he did ahead of a clash against Cadiz in which he will repeat the Metropolitan formula, remembering the Champions League final against Liverpool on May 28 in Paris. The Italian coach suggested this Saturday, among other things, that the Belgian Eden Hazard will continue next year, confessed that players like Camavinga, Valverde and Rodrygo have pleasantly surprised him, and emphasized that “Madrid is a city to live in, not just to go to.” go on holiday, because you eat very well, there is a good atmosphere and the weather helps a lot».

Hazard’s future? “We haven’t talked about it yet, but his plan is pretty clear: he’s staying and he’s doing it with a lot of motivation because he hasn’t had it well in recent years and he wants to show his level. He’s staying to improve his quality. prove.” After anticipating the news, he stated that the Belgian is joining the call-up for the clash in the Nuevo Mirandilla and will even have minutes in the Tacita de Plata.

Hazard’s ownership next year is already more complicated. But Carletto gave him the example of Rodrygo. “There will be a lot of competitions, there will be fatigue and there will be rotations, although there haven’t been many this year. Everyone can get their chances. Being a starter in a great team is very difficult for everyone, not just the players who play less. I still think the quantity of the minutes is not as important as the quality. This year we have the clear example of Rodrygo who didn’t play many minutes but played quality and made the difference.

He emphasized the behavior of his staff as a fundamental aspect of success. “It is a dressing room of a very high level. Professional first. There are no arrogant people, everyone is very respectful with the kit men, with the physios… There is a lot of quality of character. It wasn’t easy for me to find something like that in the race, I’ve had more complicated changing rooms.”

He insisted that no footballer has let him down this season, although the case of Gareth Bale is clear, and he stuck with those who surprised him the most. «None of them disappointed me, those I knew less than surprised me: Valverde, Rodrygo, Camavinga… Vinicius did not surprise me because I knew that he has this talent. He had shown it and now he is finer in the finish ».

When asked if he wants Marcelo to continue for another year, Ancelotti brushed the ball away. “We have not yet talked about what he will do next season. We have the final, a very important challenge, and then we will talk about everything, including Marcelo’s situation.

Would you rather it be the Champions League final? “We have to respect the calendar. We are doing well for the final,” he replied. In that sense, he has given Benzema two days off and Vinicius and Courtois will not play in Cádiz either. Carvajal, Ceballos, Hazard return… “Next week they will all return,” he emphasized.

He doesn’t change his speech to the players based on “commitment, intensity…”. “It applies to the final and also to Saturday’s game,” he reasoned. And no controversy with Liverpool and with Egyptian striker Salah, who considers himself the best in the world and said he preferred Real Madrid to City in the final. “He has said that in his position he is the best in the world and I think he is right. I agree with him. In his position, yes, he is the best in the world,” Carletto replied.

Source: La Verdad


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