Arcas: “Honestly, I couldn’t do anything; De Gendt is very strong in these situations. “


Great performance Sabinanigo runner Jorge Arcas in the eighth stage of Italy is spinning. He has the intelligence and strength needed to get into the big team of the day and then go on to be placed in the quartet that will play partial victory in Naples.

A quartet where, good or bad, there are two cyclists from Lotto Soudalwhich favors them not being chased from behind Van der Poel and Girmaybut it’s also a negative point when playing for victory, especially knowing Thomas De Gendt’s strength in this type of situation.

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A situation that the runner himself perfectly described in the statements delivered by his team, Movistar: “It’s been a very difficult stage here in Naples. A very difficult and complex circuit. With so many people running, twenty, we have to be there, and it’s my turn to fight, like I did yesterday. We defended ourselves on as far as we could, the truth.I was able to be nice and, although Van der Poel and Girmay started in the latter part to get there, by going to two Lotto, they took the responsibility, using superiority, and did we play it in the sprint “.

An outcome in which “I actually did nothing; By gendt He was very strong in situations like this, and even when I tried to grab the steering wheel I couldn’t get close. It’s time to think about ‘rest’ as much as possible, at least for me, but we always have in mind our leaders, support them as much as possible ”, acknowledged the cyclist from Huesca, especially thinking about the good stage that awaits them this Sunday.

“We are Bala and Ivan (Sosa) stuck in the general classification, tomorrow is an important day and we must try to get through the Blockhaus in good conditions, maintain or improve the situation we have and continue to push the following ”.

Arcas, who has worn the blue Movistar his entire life, did not win, but he achieved his best result as a professional with third place this Saturday.

Source: La Verdad


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