Newcastle have suffered the bite of the ‘Spider’ and City remain poor


Newcastle have suffered the bite of the ‘Spider’ and City remain poor

Manchester City has started an unstoppable title defense in the Premier League. After the league debut against Burnley, Pep Guardiola’s team beat Newcastle on his reunion with his fans. The ‘citizens’ team wanted to celebrate the triplet achieved last year at home and after the initial celebration they ended the night by taking unopposed victory in front of one of the ‘bones’ of the competition.

The short 1-0 final does not do justice to City’s superiority over Newcastle. Perhaps one cannot speak of overwhelming dominance, but Guardiola’s men controlled the game from start to finish and they shut down one of the strongest teams in England, something only a select few can achieve.

All it takes is a sting, one of the ‘Spider’ Julian Alvarez, to decant a match expected to be highly contested. He newcastle He arrived at Manchester City having bypassed Unai Emery’s Aston Villa, but was unable to break away from the ‘citizen’ web.

The Argentine, acting as the Kevin de Bruyne is injured, found a hole. saw it Fodenwhich gave him the ball for Pope to shoot, who shot over the far post (31′).

It is how a meeting is defined that again reflects the integrity of citythat in addition to debruyne He also did not miss two other heavyweights such as Bernardo Silva and John Stones. There was little more than a few local occasions of judgment, though it was not necessary. He newcastle He visited the ‘citizen’ fiefdom, but was not allowed to play. He left empty-handed, without creating any danger and feeling distant from Guardiola’s men.

Source: La Verdad


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