An American investor, a possible solution to the ‘lever’ of Libero Football Finance


Libero Football Finance must pay this week FC Barcelona 20 million and 20 more before August 29. But so far, the German investment fund has not made any payment. At the Barça club they are waiting for the first entry to be made this Friday, but according to RAC1, they are looking for alternatives and one of them is an American investor. Money that will be key to cope with pending registrations and the signing of Joao will cancelwhich relies on Portugal that the boat able to join. But right now, it’s complicated.

As MD already said, the Barça club has not yet registered Iñaki Peña, Marcos Alonso and Iñigo Martínez. After closing the loan to PSV Eindhoven of Sergiño Destfrom which he will assume half of the 10.7 ‘acts’ gross of the file scheduled for this season, will only be able to reinvest 50% of that 5.35 million.

He boat is pending in addition to finalizing the removal of Clement Lenglet, which may be delayed until shortly before the 31st, and to collect this week 20 million of the 60 million euros corresponding to the sale of 9.8% of barca vision until under German Libero Football Finance. For next week, with a deadline of Wednesday the 29th, he must pay the remaining 20. With this money, which was agreed this same month of August, Barça hopes to face the pending registrations, including Cancelo’s.

Source: La Verdad


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