What time and where will the Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF and the resignation of Rubiales be seen?


The Real Spanish soccer federation has summoned a Extraordinary general meeting to solve all the triggers for your president’s behavior, Luis Rubialesjust after The Spanish team is proclaimed world champion in Australia.

Although the indecent act of Luis Rubiales in the box and on kiss Jenni Hermoso These are not the first episodes that have caused controversy for the president (the leaked audios with Piqué about Spanish Supercuphis strange statements about a sack of cocaine…), they became the definitive truth for force the RFEF to transfer the token about his person.

Many entities and figures from the world of sports in general, football in particular, and even extra-sports institutions have demand consequences regarding the actions and statements of Luis Rubiales. After a messy apology video, unions of the size of FIFPRO and FUTPRO – the latter as authorized spokesperson for Jenni is beautiful by himself – will ask for purges in this matter. Also the historic star and opinion leader in women’s football, Megan Rapinoespoke about it: “Think of the weight that the Spanish team has to bear.”

The agenda of the RFEF Assembly contemplates the following points:

  • Constitution of the Assembly once the minimum quorum required has been verified
  • Designation of three members of the Assembly to certify the minutes
  • Report of Soccer World Cup female 2023
  • Report of new strategic plan of Women’s Soccer
  • creation of Strategic Committee for the Development of Women’s Sports
  • requests and questions

What time is the Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF?

The first call for Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF it is on 12:00if there is no quorum, a minimum of 60% attendance will begin at second call at 12:30. Previously, at 10:30, rubiales was summoned the 19 territorial presidents to talk to them.

Where can the Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF be held?

Naa sports world website will be able to track all the news and the highlights of Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF. The live broadcast can be seen on TV via the CCMA sports theme channel, Sports3like him streaming live on accounts Youtube and twitching of Real Spanish soccer federation.

Source: La Verdad


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