The range of possibilities of Imanol is increasing


The signing of Kieran Tierney causing significant overbooking in the Real Sociedad squad. Imanol Bailiffin a few days, you have many options, beyond injuries.

Of the 25 tokens available, Tierney will rank 24th this week. if it doesn’t appear Rich before friday, he will wear number 25, the only one for the free field. Doubtful, because in the performance he did not wear a bib number, and Zakharyan If he did. In addition to them, there is Marrero, who aims to wear the ’13’ when the market ends, Urko González de Zárate, Marín, the injured Goti, Ayesa, Fraga or even John Martin, in addition to Karrikaburu, who lives in a strange limbo between the two teams and his departure, as detailed by MD this week. A total of 32 players in first-team dynamics, if they are all healthy.

More options

Imanol has a wide range of possibilities to find solutions to existing problems. But nine football players have repeatedly owned in three games, while Turrientes, Merino, Barrenetxea and Oyarzabal the others have been given away. He used a total of 19 players. Among the unreleased, stand out robert navarror, just a field with no non-technical reason for not playing. with him, Rico, Aritz, Marrero, Silvoh foals

Source: La Verdad


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