Division of opinions on the Catalan GP in September


The annual event of the Motorcycle World Championship with the circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia reached its thirty-second edition and for the first time, either under the name of the European GP,​​​​between 1992 and 1995, and with uncertainty since 1996 as the Catalan GP, ​​it was held in first weekend of September , leaving for the first time since 2014, except for a pandemic, in the first half of June.

“One of the things we asked for is that we not be like last year, with two Grands Prix (F1 and MotoGP) in two weeks”, explained the general director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluis Santamaría.

“We asked to be separated for 2023 and we probably have a lot, from June to September. By 2024, we are working to separate them by at least three weeks, that is what we need. We must remember that balancing a calendar is not easy”, he explained.

The F1 Spanish GP, another major global event managed by Circuitcat, already has a date: June 21-23, 2024. Santamaría believes that “if we had the vote, we would put it before the traditional holidays, throwing away August is the usual stop In all the championships and because of the weather, it will not be organized well for the public, neither the officials nor the pilots, and only after the holidays”.

And the pilots seem happy with the change of dates. Girona Maverick Vinales he pointed out this Thursday on the circuit “In this crazy weather… a week ago at 40ºc. It seems strange to me not at the beginning because my whole life is almost at the beginning of the championship, but September is not bad either. Before a tour, having a circuit where you go home, having a good result, gives you a lot of motivation and a lot of energy to do the whole tour afterwards in good condition. I prefer it in September, actually in June because I come more prepared and I want to be well at home and if I can come stronger, even better. I think the weather is going to be better, it’s going to be hot even though the weather is going to be better, but only this week”.

for Majorcan Joan Mir “It could be a change, at the calendar level I don’t care, but at the temperature level the scenario could change a lot if some bikes are better in the cold, there could be more surprises. I think it’s fine.”

Marc Márquez He assured in this matter that “those who decided to change the date have to assess it, for the pilots there is no change, it is done to suit the fan and to see if it has been successful or not”.

Siblings asparagus they pulled from their Valles origin when it comes to claiming what is theirs: “I hope next year we return at the beginning of summer, this weekend there is the best race, the 24 Hours of Llissà”, he claimed Aleix Espargaro. He also considers it a negative that it coincides with another F1 Grand Prix in the same time zone as is happening this weekend with the Italian GP. “It’s not good. Formula One and MotoGP are very different and at the same time similar, people like the machine, no matter how fun one or the other you think. the viewer doesn’t understand it. can see everything.”

His brother Pol He assessed that “in terms of temperature, better, more pleasant than 40ºC, but it coincides with the main festival of Granollers!”.

Previously, it was held once at the end of May, four times in the first half of July and the second in September, twice in the October closing calendar, and twenty times in June.

Source: La Verdad


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