Monchi exploded: “You can’t beat me and never against my team”


The sports director of Seville, Monchiwas a bit nervous after the tie with Wanda in the interview with Mónica Marchante for Movistarwhere he denounced the “false news” about the future of the Nervionense bench, pointing to Diego Martinez.

“What we’re playing hard and because of being popular and giving news without distinction, a journalist from a newspaper that for me has a lot of prestige (‘mark‘) wants to give the note today and release a news that, besides being false and untrue, was made with bad milk. Now that that news has been covered for two hours in the digital edition of that newspaper, I don’t think it’s a coincidence, ”the San Fernando native said.

“I have immense shoulders and a furry butt”

Monchi He pulled his chest out of Sevilla, remaining silent about many things, but letting some fall. “This we’ve achieved with very little help and it’s another example of tripping that put us off, but this club is 132 years old and it’s huge. And if they want to, at this club they can’t. , and if they want to oppose the sports director, they have no idea.I have a coach Luis Aragonés, who says I have a furry ass to ride a motorcycle.And I have immense shoulders and a furry butt Against me you will never go to power, and against my team, never.Check out what you have published today, and I will not say it for you, without contrasting or anything, without commenting here on the club, know that this is not true, to try to destabilize. Fortunately, this team has caste and courage “.

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Cadiz insisted that no one at the club had thought about leaving Lopetegui. “Nothing has been analyzed, Lopetegui is a very good coach, he has broken records in the history of the club, what are we going to ask Lopetegui? Sevilla. Let us, leave us, we understand each other. And not because of you, it is “is because of today’s headline, which is not the day or time to make that headline. All technicians have an exit clause. En-Nesyri can be open and so can Julen if they pay their clause,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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