Le Mans attendance record


Le Mans attendance record

Le Mans has exceeded expectations and manages to improve its own brand on a weekend of passion for two wheels after two years without an audience.

The Bugatti circuit, located within the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit brought together more than 110,000 motor fans to experience the race on Sunday, which also broke the record for the sporting event that drew the largest number of public at a venue in France.

This weekend in May, a total 225,005 people is enjoying the seventh date of the year, the third in Europe. Until then, the largest capacity for this Grand Prix was achieved in 2018 with 206,617 spectators.

In addition to achieving a French audience record, it’s becoming the date of the World Cup, so far this season, which has gained more spectators. There is a difference with respect to the second, Argentina, of 38,246 fans.

The passion for Fabio Quartararo grew up in the country. The current world champion visited the French circuit as champion and current leader for the first time. So the public is encouraged to go and see how their countrymen fight again to win another world championship in a beautiful and insane Grand Prix.

Another French rider on the grid, Johann Zarco revealed that he will be going to the home GP to show that he can once again achieve a podium before his fans.

On training day on Friday, nearly 50,000 spectators came to see FP1 and FP2. And even though on Saturday the number of fans dropped compared to previous years with an audience, on Sunday it was the best year.

Source: La Verdad


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