When UD Las Palmas wanted to buy a plane


UD Las Palmas has always been a group of industrialists closely associated with exports and the port of Las Palmas and, in the world of freight transport, the yellow team has generated interest from Canarian and foreign companies such as Elder Dempster and Company for its promotion. presence in the Peninsula and the rest of Europe as promotional engine of the islands’ economy because mass tourism, as such, began to arrive in Gran Canaria in 1958.

So, the debate of that UD Las Palmas has its own plane being able to play Peninsula in LaLiga EA Sports this 2023 is nothing new. Since 1951 there has been a thesis in the Canary Islands to have its own resources because of the test it represents for the players and the waste of time. To get an idea: A new Embraer E190 like the ones used by Binter Canarias costs 55.3 million dollars

At that time, the islands’ fruit and vegetable exporters promoted this proposal by taxing their sales per kilo in favor of the island club, he recalled. Antonio de Armasadviser and official historian of UD Las Palmas.

On September 9, 1951, the islands echoed the rise of the yellow team, which had been founded in 1949. The president of the yellow team is the cigar maker Eufemiano Fuentes Díaz.who convened an extraordinary meeting to conduct a complete study on the possible purchase of an airplane.

This meeting was held urgently due to the agreements made by the Spanish Football Federation. Due to the arrival of Las Palmas in the Primera The peninsular clubs cooperated with the islanders to finance transport, with Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona paying for a good portion of yellow trips with Atlético de Bilbao, Sevilla and Valencia. All Spanish football turned to UD Las Palmas, including those in the Second Division.

How did the matter end? We are talking about 1951 and the economy of that time was marked by the autarky of Francoism. “One of the main difficulties is getting the appropriate aircraft (import permit), and availability needed moneyDe Armas reminded.

The The convertibility of the peseta to the dollar began in 1958 and only in Tangier can you buy 22-24-seat Douglas DC3 planes owned by American airlines from the French protectorate in Morocco in spanish money as did the incipient Iberia LAE.

Now in 2023 there are many flights but the fact is that then there was no tourism as we know it today and, in part, the purchase This will be financed by renting the device for the whole week. This is a financial risk that can be good or bad. Compassionate conservatism is the yellow team’s choice for the economic future.

Source: La Verdad


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