Charting flights to UD Las Palmas will cost as much as Viera or Sandro’s salary


UD Las Palmas doesn’t have the money if what it wants is to have a strong squad in LaLiga EA Sports while offering quality of life to its employees. That means there may not be luxuries like taking private flights to get to the Peninsula. Every season It would cost the wages with taxes of Jonathan Viera, Sandro or Máximo Perrone. That means: about 1.8 million euros with taxes. And that’s not counting other inputs, accommodation and ground transportation.

UD Las Palmas was in the news this September because the players had to take a regular flight with a stopover in Madrid to get to Seville, they were involved in drinking coffee at Gando Airport and they missed the plane and had to they can get to Seville on an ATR from Binter Canarias. The irony is that the ignorant arrived in Seville before the disciplined rode to Madrid.

And the theory that UD Las Palmas uses charter flights is useful but it costs a fortune. The factors that determine the price are the engines, number of passengers and interior space. More than 16 people have an average price of 8,500 euros per flight hour. That means: let’s say three hours from the Canary Islands to mainland Spain, it will be 25,500 euros one way only. 50,000 euros, entry, per match only and that’s not counting other inputs, accommodation and land transport..

Because it’s not just about renting the device to a crew. It should be calculated that, due to the dimensions of the device, it is necessary 10,000 euros for parking and the extra cost for landing or departure after 10 pm And that’s not counting the luxury tax per passenger for private flights, on-board catering per passenger.

The problem of transportation is a nuisance for clubs in the Canary Islands. But they have no choice but to board regular flights. In the highest category of Spanish football, at least, things are better for the yellow club because your direct competitors They are all in the provincial capitals and always have a supply.

Another thing is the variations of calendars. The calendars are known in advance but the date is not and that prevents buying in advance to save money. The latter without counting Copa del Rey matches. The luxury of having a team in the First Division has these things.

Source: La Verdad


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