Sepp Kuss, the beloved champion who got the best victory the day he met his wife


Close, kind, with the face of a good person, sincere, with a smile that rarely leaves his face and a true lover of the sport he does as a profession. It is not surprising that the victory in the American Vuelta Sepp Kuss (29 years old) was celebrated by a fan who cut his hair just to think that this likable rider, a classy sidekick every leader would love to have by his side, would be denied the chance to claim his biggest cycling victory to date. : win a nice cycling tour. A dream he began writing when he decided to give up cross-country skiing, a sport he started at the age of six. A passion he inherited from his mother – a Nordic ski instructor – and from his father – he is a ski jumping and Nordic coach in Sapporo’72 and Innsbruck’76 games– and he continues to fall in love, taking advantage of the smallest opportunity left by his profession to put on skis and enjoy the snow, nature and the cold. He loves it and owes everything to it, so he got into cycling while using the bike to improve his skiing performance. A sport he liked but demanded too much, until he got tired of training at night with the frontal.

In the mountains of Colorado He began to forge his soul as a cyclist. First, like many other ‘road riders’, with mountain biking, competing in 2014 World Cup, where he finished 36th. A year later, while studying advertising at the University of Colorado Boulder, he left the fat tire behind and decided on the road. In 2015 he ran the Crazy Tour and in 2016 and 2017 he played in Rally Cycling. From less to more and his great performances as a climber in 2017 were done before LottoNL-Jumbonow Jumbo-Vismanotice him and sign him.

Arrived at Europe He is 23 years old and quickly started to show his supporters that they were right to sign him. It is installed on Girona and at the end of 2108 it is located in Andorraa country where he could give free rein to his passions and where he fell in love.

On September 1, 2019, the ninth episode of Lap Arrived at Cortals d’Encamp. It was at the finish line Massi-Tàctic cyclist Noemí Farré along with some friends who also know him. They talked a little and said goodbye. At the end of the Vuelta Sepp wrote to her and they met for a drink in Soldeu and have been together ever since. “I can say this is the best stage of a cycling event in my life because I met him. We created our life and it lasts longer than one of the most difficult stages of a Vuelta or a Tour, “he said in ‘Bon Dia’. Now he is his wife and they live happily in Andorra, although’ t he does not forget the origin of his wife’s family, the town of Villagewithin Berguedànear Andorra, to the point that he considered himself one of the region and the town council itself allowed the Casal Pirinenc to follow the final stage of the Vuelta that crowned a unique and beloved cyclist, another berguedà.

A runner rooted in the territory, who knows this better than many locals from his training, who when he goes out to train has no objection to taking pictures with fans and doesn’t mind them riding him – you have to keep up with him –, who adapts to defeats and victories as naturally as any of us. “I don’t know why other people want me and want me to win. I’m just a person, like everyone else. We’re all competitors and sometimes it’s hard to see the human side but, yeah, I’m just trying to be nice to everyone, do my best for people,” said Colorado before the popular clamor there was for his team to allow him to win the 2023 Vuelta.

A victory for a cyclist with whom you can share training on Catalan and Andorran roads, who need the calm of nature and mountains to find the inner peace we all seek. A mysticism brought here by skiing and winter. Summer is coming to an end, the first snowfalls are about to arrive and September He’s already thinking about waxing the soles of his skis to continue feeding his childhood dream.

Source: La Verdad


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