Zidane’s most difficult conversation with the players


Zidane He seems to be a kind man, with courage, but all that is lost in a game of 2018 Champions League. It was in the second leg of the semifinals against Bayern Munich. Real Madrid won 1-1 in the first leg in Germany, but the German team did not come to the Bernabéu for a walk.

Kimmich Bayern overtook, tied Benzema some time yet, but the truth is that the first half of that match was a German celebration with total dominance and with Real Madrid saving themselves from a defeat thanks to Keylor Navas.

They reached the break and there, Zidane burst into the locker room, as he revealed today Borja Mayoral, which is in that game. “We were playing very badly. Zidane came into the locker room. I’ve never experienced anything like this. We all fell silent and Zidane shouted: ‘Everyone get out of here, except the players.’ He kicked everyone out: the physiotherapists, the assistants, everyone. He started shouting that we are in the Bernabéu, that we are playing for the finals of the Champions League, the Real Madrid crest. I remember that conversation, buff. It was brutal brutal. It reached all the players and even Cristiano, Ramos, “Varane, Benzema, everyone was impressed. We’ve never seen Zidane like this, it comes from inside him, he rarely gets angry,” the Getafe player said on the @offsiders podcast.

Coincidence or not, Benzema He scored 2-1 in the 46th minute, just as the second half started. James Rodriguez It made it 2-2 in the 63rd minute, but the scoreboard never moved again and Real Madrid went on to the final, where they were victorious against Liverpool.

Source: La Verdad


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