Report: "CVC operation guarantees us ‘fair play’"


Joan Laporta He spoke at length about the economic situation and its possible solutions, in the interview he offered on the program Total Coast, of Catalunya Radio. The Barça president is optimistic about the possibility of activating the popular economic levers before June 30 and thus leave the club’s economy virtually healthy.

report explained and admitted that “the operation on CVC guarantee that we comply with ‘fair fight‘economically, not because I say Javier Thebesbut because it is so. But we have other options that can give us this ‘fair play’, justice will be positive and we can carry out the operations we have in mind. In the case of CVC Hopefully it fits our counterproposal. “

Because of this, the president assured that “we are not obligated to do anything. We have other options and the proposal for CVC is relaxing. I previously filtered 100% right and now 10%, kasi before they wouldn’t let us sell 90% without authorization. “He acknowledged that if he signed,” we won’t sign it to our liking. All clubs have done so except real Madrid Y Athletic. So far, we have no intention of doing that. We gave ourselves a margin throughout the season. There are other options with fewer years, but they don’t give us enough ‘fair fight“. And he specified that” if before June 30 we activate either of the options or two combined we have, we have cleaned up the club’s economy. “He later explained that what he was referring to was” the selling 10% of the television rights and selling 49% of Barca Studios Y BLM“.

report He expanded on the issue of economic levers and made his optimism clear about it: “If we do what we want to do, which I think we will do before June 30, it will be spectacular. If we bring back the negatives. 450 million fund … I hope I can achieve this “.

And he also pointed out that what was published about the sale of 49 percent of BLM for 200 million euros: “The number is not what they said. We had several proposals, one had exclusivity, but now it is no longer. BLM have to go through Assembly, because we do not consent to compromises. It is one of the assets of Barca Corporate, which will be sold at a cost of 200. I am convinced we will improve it. ”He did not provide details, indicating that they are overseeing the higher proposals and acknowledging that“ many aspects of the proposal we cannot accept. All of these operations are a process, a two-party negotiation. We don’t want to undersell. They can give us a lot of money, but others have control. There are other measures that will give us more operating margin. ”

Source: La Verdad


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