Jens Lehmann’s new scandal, this time with a chainsaw


Jens Lehmannthe one who became the goalkeeper of Arsenal and the German team is not having a smooth retirement. In recent years, he has been involved in several problems with the authorities, and recently found out that he had to respond to justice for various episodes, including one in which a chainsaw was involved.

The aforementioned event with the aforementioned tool involved is one of the charges brought against him by the Munich Prosecutor’s Office in its latest indictment. He was accused of destroying an iron beam of a neighbor’s house with a chainsaw and the reason, according to the accused, was nothing but the fact that said beam did not allow him to “enjoy the views of the Lake Starnberg in Bavaria”, according to Bild.

However, this is not the only charge filed against him by the Munich Prosecutor’s Office. He was also accused of insulting authorities when they were preparing to revoke his driver’s license after being seen using a phone while driving his car, as well as fleeing after paying for a pump service for his electric car.

It should also be remembered that Lehmann was already fined 40,000 euros in 2016 for aiding and abetting the escape from an accident and another 170,000 in 2017 for tax evasion. Retirement is not good for good people. Jens Lehmann.

Source: La Verdad


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