‘Messi10’, the Cirque du Soleil show that dreams of traveling from Buenos Aires to Miami


‘Messi10’, the Cirque du Soleil show that dreams of traveling from Buenos Aires to Miami

He succeeded in four months Barcelona. The pandemic stopped everything. Now ‘Messi10’, out of Cirque du Soleil with as its star the ‘Flea’, arrived at Argentina with the captain of the Albiceleste who has become a world champion and has aspirations to reach Miamiwhere he plays now Leo.

The show was born as a “dream.” This is how he detailed it to EFE Sergio Lavie, co-founder of the production company PopArtMusicwho created the project with the Canadian company.

“It all started as a crazy idea where we tried to combine two worlds, like a show of this kind and obviously the figure of Leo, the most important player in the history of football,” he said.

In addition, the public can become “Messi for a day”, by participating in an additional immersive experience: experiencing press conferences where they will be asked for information about the player, making throws and football exercises of ‘crack’ or lifting trophies, as desired World Cup.

The exhibition also uses many technological elements such as screens LEDs big, which according to the production company has changed the way the company works for future projects.

After two reschedulings, it will finally premiere on October 5 on Buenos Aires amid great public expectations.

“Messi10” was released in 2019 on Barcelonawhen the player was still defending the colors of the culé team, and in Barcelona The success was resounding, Lavié said, because most circuses stay 30 days in each location and in his case they stayed four months.

A year later, the covid-19 pandemic stopped the international tour: the company had to be reorganized to avoid bankruptcy. But now “Messi10” has become key for the production company and the entertainment company, because it is a show that was “accepted very quickly.”

“Now we have the whole 2024 tour, after finishing in Argentina at the end of this year, and then we will start to climb geographically throughout South America, going through Central AmericaI hope it ends Miami (where the captain of the Argentine national team is currently playing)”, stated Lavié, who believes that this show will keep them busy until 2026.

Since debuting four years ago, Rosario’s ‘crack’ sporting situation has changed a lot: he left FC Barcelona for Paris Saint Germain in 2021 until last June, when he decided to sign for Inter Miami of MLS.

According to i washedthey did not expect him to leave the Blaugrana team, because Messi was “too rooted” and too strange to think that he could leave.

“We know that sports races have these sudden changes, and well, that also generated changes at work, like the change of colors when arriving in Paris or Miami, and obviously for the Argentine team: today what it has, after sports victories. , has a very emotional charge dressed in light blue and white,” explained the director of PopArtMusic.

And this tour in his home country is the first after Argentina won the Qatar World Cup 2022, with Rosario as the leader of the national team, which generated a cascade of changes that reoriented the show towards the national team. One of them was to put together the now legendary song “Muchachos”, by La Mosca Tsé-Tsé, which the team accompanied as an anthem during the tournament.

What seems clear is that “Messi10” is another demonstration that the beautiful game continues to move the masses, and even more so when the passion for sports is combined with productions as titanic as the proposition of Cirque du Soleilwho understands the scale of Leo Messi and its power as an attraction to create an unforgettable experience.

Source: La Verdad


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