A great player threatened to commit suicide!


A player of Nicea team from the French First Division, met at a viaduct on the A8 motorway in France, near this town on the Côte d’Azur, and threatening to leap into nothingness. According to RMC Sport, echoing information provided by bfmtv.com, it is Alexis Beka Beka, 22-year-old French midfielder.

At this time, according to cited sourcesThe security forces and rescuers are in full negotiation with the player to avoid the fatal consequences that his fall into the void will bring.

Among the troops evacuated from the area are the club psychologist French, whose intervention could be decisive because of his personal knowledge of the player.

From Caen to Nice, passing through Russia

Alexis Beka Beka (Paris, March 29, 2001) has not played a minute in the League so far this season with Nice. He arrived in professional football at just 18 years old with Caen, where he made his debut on December 20, 2019. Currently at the Tokyo Olympics, he later joined Russian Lokomotiv Moscow, who paid 6 million euros for he and co played 26 games, six of them equivalent to European competition. After the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, Beka Beka accepted the offer of Nice, who paid 12 million euros for him; Last season he participated in 24 games, while in this one, he was under the command of Italian Francesco Farioli.

Although the information spread is confusing and should be taken with enough distance, it is suggested that the player stops the vehicle in which he is traveling on the A8 motorway when he crosses the Magnan viaduct, and placed himself on the side of the road, threatening to jump. This A8 motorway leads directly to the Italian border.

The reasons that led the player to adopt such a violent and dramatic decision are unknown, although some sources point to a heartbreak. He Nice has already issued a statement of full support for Beka Bekawhile canceling all media appearances scheduled for this Friday.

The team has a scheduled league match this Sunday, at their home ground, against Stade Brest, which for now remains. Pre-crash training, scheduled for this afternoon, has also been retained, although it will be carried out behind closed doors to avoid compromising situations, and there won’t be the usual press conference before crashes.

Source: La Verdad


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