120 km/h in area – 15 year old speeds away from police without a permit


In the Wiener Neustadt region (Lower Austria), a 15-year-old chased police behind the wheel of a car. According to information from Friday, the teenager without a driver’s license drove through the area at more than 120 km/h and also rammed a patrol car.

Wild scenes took place in Wiener Neustadt on Wednesday evening. Initially, the 15-year-old evaded a police check. Then the wild chase began. He tried to push away two patrol cars several times, crossed intersections despite the red light and seriously endangered other road users.

Rammed patrol car
The wild ride stretched all the way to Sollenau (Wiener Neustadt district). There, the 15-year-old rammed a patrol car that had tried to end the chase by overtaking. The young speedster was finally stopped at the end of Sollenau.

The local man, who obviously did not have a driver’s license due to his age, was reported for attempting to resist state authority. The district administration is also dealing with violations.

Source: Krone


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