“I couldn’t sleep, and to function the next day I had to use cocaine”


Liam Hughes (31), footballer who is currently in the ranks of modesty Worksop which in its day is measured in Manchester United in the FA Cup wearing the shirt of Cambridge United, recently opened up in an interview, revealing that he lived in a more delicate time. “I couldn’t sleep so I had to drink to try to put him to sleep and to function the next day I had to do cocaine. I was earning about £1,000 a week and I was spending between £300 and £600 on cocaine. I was in a spiral of self-destruction.” , Liam Hughes explained in an interview with the BBC.

Hughes He even thought of committing suicide. “I started drinking more and more. I felt isolated and my mental health collapsed, to the point of questioning whether I wanted to continue living. In my mind I was convinced that the best thing for everyone was for me to be gone there. only one path to the grave,” admitted the footballer, who consumed a large amount of anti-inflammatories that almost ended his life. He was rescued by his then partner, who showed up at the house just in time.

Current Hughes He’s noticeably better than before, but he doesn’t let his guard down. “I have to keep working on myself every day. I’m not perfect, but I got out from under the bottle and knocked on the gates of hell to become a better person. I face my problems and being honest. Like I want to help all those who can and be a good husband and a good father,” the footballer concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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