A breathtaking finish in Vallecas and a point for Rayo and Mallorca


From the last minutes of the match in between Vallecano Ray and Majorca can make a movie. The match started at 4:15 pm and ended in the 102nd minute and worst of all, or best, depending on how you look at it, it ended as it began: with a draw. In between, the Majorca managed to overcome a very spirited fight and Falcaofrom repeated punishment because Rajkovic He led off the first pitch, tying the score on the last play of the game. crazy

An open match

It was coffee time Vallecas and the first sip of the match was taken by Rayo. Just three minutes passed on the scoreboard with a piece of genius camelcontrol plus dribbling, allowed him to put a pass in Alvaro Garcia which he did not waste. Meaning between the legs of Rajkovic and 1-0. The party opened the moment it was born.

but Majorca He had no choice but to jump at the same time Ray He was looking for a crack where he could slip back and extend the lead. And went First Lopez who was about to find a free kick that fell in the same corner of the squad. If it becomes a balloon, pierce it. Where is he? Majorca He reacted the way teams react when they lose: with crosses in place. In one of them, Abdon Prats combed so Muriqi, with orthopedic control and a good shot, made it 1-1 with a VAR suspension for possible offside. How important are forwards like Kosovar, who only need the ball and the mind to score a goal.

Because of this the game went to half-time. And upon returning, both teams continued where they left off. Probably with a higher boiling point Majorcawhich began to boil thanks to Sergi Darder and his first detail of the season with a good pass in a not better unmarking of Antonio Sanchez where he stood in place to confirm the return. It is the 59th minute and the Majorca turned the game around.

However, obviously, there is time for anything to happen and after the bank dance, (changes in Ray to attack and change in Majorca to defend) the local team tried to tie but found all possible obstacles starting with a well planted defense, a well placed goalkeeper and the wood, always very opportune.

But the jug in the fountain was so strong that it finally broke. Although there is suspense because, already at a discount, a hand of Omar Masacarell inside the area, caused a river of events that led to a penalty that was converted by Falcao on the second attempt afterwards Rajkovichero for a minute, was stopped for the first time but in front of the goal line.

It was the last match that, after a heartbreaking finish, ended with a point for each team and various sensations.

Vallecano Ray Majorca



1 S. Dimitrievsky

1 P. Rajković

twenty Ivan Balliu

twenty Mr. Gonzalez

5 Aridane 71′

24 Martin Valgent

(19 Jorge De Frutos)

2 Matija Nastasić

24 Florian Lejeune

Eleven Jaume Costa 12′

12 Pacha Espino 80′

(3 Tony Lato)

(9 R. Falcao)

18 Antonio Sánchez 64′

17 Unai López 60′

(5 Omar Mascarell)

(23 Oscar Valentine)

12 Samú Costa

twenty-one Pathe Ciss

10 Sergi Darder 85′

7 Isi Palazón

(8 Manu Morlanes)

14 Kike Perez 60′

14 Dani Rodriguez

(8 Oscar Trejo)

9 Abdón Prats 64′

18 Alvaro Garcia

(23 Amath Ndiaye)

3. 4 Sergio Camello 60′

7 Vedat Muriqi

(22 Raul De Tomas)

The objectives:(1-0) Álvaro García (4′), (1-1) Vedat Muriqi (44′), (1-2) Antonio Sánchez (59′), (2-2) R. Falcao (102′)

Cards:l Unai López (43′), Sergi Darder (83′), Jaume Costa (92′), Raúl De Tomás (94′), G. Gonzalez (94′), Amath Ndiaye (96′), Omar Mascarell (100′)l

Referee: Mario Melero Lopez

Spectators: 13,500 at Vallecas Stadium

THE BEST The atmosphere of Vallecas pushed to the end
WORST The sense of defeat that left Mallorca

Source: La Verdad


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