Rangers 1×1


mcgregor – Impeccable: With two saves in the first leg of the game to support the Rangers. Nothing can be done about Santos Borré’s tie

Tavernier – Cautious: He was one of the toughest players in the early stages, although he also left flaws as a result of his nerves. He launched a free kick on the last breath that almost avoided penalties.

Goldson – Reckless: He can change the sign of the match if the referee signals a penalty in an encounter with Borré inside the area. She washed her hair.

Bassey – Physical: An impenetrable wall for most of the game. He blocked a Lindstrom shot that was on goal, but then Borré lost for the equalizer.

barisic – Support: He suffered at first to cling to Knauff, but he adapted so as not to have any more problems. His right thigh said enough in extra time.

Jack – Misguided: High shot and a little more from the Rangers midfielder, replaced in the second half.

Lundstram – Rocky: The anchor of the Rangers and one of their retrievers. He left a mark on Rode’s face after the good template and he ended up with a dangerous corner.

Kent – Accelerated: The electric winger wants to speed up the Rangers game, but he’s not accurate. He has good chances to decide against, but he lacks success.

Kamara – Corrector: The silent engine of the Scottish frame. He didn’t shine, but his work was important.

Wright – Unruly: He left glances at his football, but replaced it after a poor contribution.

Aribo – Matador: He took advantage of the gift from Eintracht to score his first goal in the Europa League and lead the Rangers to the final.

fashion – Spinning: He went in through Wright and barely touched the ball. He was traded before the penalties for Ramsey.

Davis – Modesto: He came in for Jack and he could barely improve his partner’s performance.

Arfield – Shooter: He calms Kamara down and leaves a tense shot that almost chokes Trapp.

of sand – Invisible: He entered Aribo and was not seen.

roof – Powerful: He gave Kent a goal on a plate that could have sunk Eintracht in extra time.

Source: La Verdad

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