Van Bronckhorst: "Some of my players don’t want to take penalties"


Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, coach ng Glasgow Rangersfell with his team (1-1, 5-4 on penalties) yesterday against EintrachtFrankfurt in Seville in the Europa League final. At a press conference after the game, he admitted that some of his players did not want to take penalties.

“Playing the European final and losing is always painful. You do everything to win it, but it’s decided on penalties, and it’s a lottery. It hasn’t been good for us but I don’t blame my players after all they gave. It was a very even. It’s a big disappointment. I know what it is, I lost a World Cup final, the biggest game that can exist. But you always keep going, “he began by saying.

On Ramsey’s missed shot, he said, “We had set up the shots on goal well. Some players were comfortable taking them and some wanted to take them but some didn’t. We have our list but we have to fix it based on substitutes. Aaron (Ramsey) was disappointed, but he took responsibility for the shot. He can score or miss, but to be able to shoot it, I prefer comfortable players. “

Source: La Verdad


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