The fan who showed his face


The fan who showed his face

From now on, I warn you, my hero of resistance is Jon Azanzathe unknown red-and-white fan who smiled at the blue-and-white celebration at Reale until a few hours ago.

It is all over television and the most watched on social networks. Without hesitation, he smiles with his arms crossed or on his hips, wearing a zurigorri, surrounded by hundreds of Real fans hugging each other, happily jumping at the 3-0 score, all of them with their backs on the grass, celebrating the win. to their eternal rival.

You have to be a very good person to endure that moment with that knowledge. He was the only one who showed his face in the game, in the entertainment, in the spectacle. We will lose today, we will win tomorrow. Fair play, by the book. I would love to do that. You are big Azanza. And also, he plays the tambourine in the electrotxaranga of Villaliber. Two loose verses in the rotten world of football.

Source: La Verdad


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