Germany seeks a coup with the legendary Horst Hrubesch


The legendary former player Horst Hrubesch, 72 years old, has taken the reins of the German women’s team, albeit temporarily, being replaced Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, who is on sick leave due to illness. The German team wants to make a splash before the Nations League, where they are playing for their passport to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Part of his coaching staff will be Thomas Nörenberg and Britta Carlson, who coached the team in both Nations League games.

“It is about helping and finding a solution to the current situation. The players have the quality to qualify for the Olympic Games, although it will not be easy. But that is our goal now,” Hrubesch told German newspaper Bild.

“I have maintained a good relationship with the players over the years. So now everyone knows how we will handle it,” he added.

Germany must face the teams of Wales and Iceland next October in the Nations League.

With players like Popp, Leupolz, Oberdorf, Magull or Dabritzthe German team should be one of the great candidates for all the titles, although in the last World Cup in Australia and New Zealand they did not quite reach the expectations that were generated.

Hrubesch He is one of the biggest names in German football. His nickname was Das Kopfball-Ungeheuer (the Heading Beast) for his impressive heading style or also known as “The Tank” for his height of 1.89 m and great physical strength. Hrubesch was one of the most lethal forwards of his generation and won the European Cup in 1983.

His most famous performance is v

Source: La Verdad


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